At The John Ondrush Golf & Fitness Academy, innovation plays a key role in helping you refine your swing for optimal efficiency, power, and consistency. We feature the same high-tech training systems and diagnostic tools used by the top PGA Professionals around the world, which gives our staff all the information they need to analyze your positions, weight shift, balance and power of every swing.


Used by almost every PGA Tour player (as seen on the PGA Tour TV broadcast), Trackman is the most accurate launch monitor on the market, providing unmatched swing data and flight distance analysis. Trackman features:

  • Radar system to track everything your club does before, during, and after impact
  • Instant feedback of club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing
  • Conclusive data, delivered in an easy-to-understand format

Balance Force Plates

AboutGolf® Balance force plates evaluate the weight movement during your swing. By seeing your weight shift and transition you will learn how to properly transfer your weight for optimal balance power and consistency. AG Balance reports data on:

  • Center of gravity at address, impact and follow through
  • Sequenced right/left weight transfer during your swing and front/back percentage of weight distribution in each foot
  • Bio feedback weight shifting training and more


3-D Motion Swing Analysis

K-VEST’s cutting-edge wireless analysis system captures your swing in a computerized three-dimensional image, giving a precise picture of what is occurring in your swing in degrees-per-second. This allows our instructors to evaluate and analyze how you use your hips, torso and arms during your swing. This system:

  • Displays live video and animation on screen
  • Is lightweight and small enough to have minimal effect on your natural swing
  • Features visual and auditory feedback alerts for correct and incorrect swings

SAM Putting Lab

This training system utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis, giving you scientifically precise feedback on the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke. Within seconds, the system displays the results in easy-to-understand graphic reports, allowing you to instantly apply the feedback to your training strategies. SAM Putt Lab is:

  • The first system to provide complete putting analysis (28 relevant parameters)
  • Trusted by 26 European and American Tour Professionals and several European national teams
  • Easy to use and offers direct results and immediate feedback on your putting stroke and what putter is the best for you.