One on One personal training that will get you in the best shape of your life. Our certified trainers with years of experience on how to achieve your fitness goals, losing weight, toning up or building lean muscle. Our trainers know how to get you in shape safely and efficiently using our state of the art functional training gym.

We Build Better Athletes

Thrive Sports Performance training is a multi-faceted program utilizing the latest in sports performance technology and equipment to make the athlete faster, stronger, and better prepared for the rigors of any sport.

Programs are customized to the individual, small group, or team after a baseline evaluation process. Once basic and proper techniques are mastered, the sessions will progressively become more challenging.

Thrive offers expertise in the following:

Speed & Agility – From acceleration and deceleration to linear and lateral movements to running mechanics and footwork

Strength & Conditioning – Beyond bench press and deadlifts, emphasis is placed on core stability and sport-specific movements

Explosiveness – From plyometrics to Olympic lifts to proper jumping and landing techniques and more

Injury Reduction – “bulletproofing” the athlete by identifying and correcting vulnerabilities

Flexibility & Mobility – From dynamic warm-ups to static cool down stretches