Golf Fitness

Our training programs have had tremendous results in lowering golfer’s handicaps. The exercises help the player gain greater distance, accuracy, and balance, along with better posture and swing positions. Not only will the golfer’s body have the physical ability to get in better positions, the lifetime swing faults due to physical limitations will be corrected. The final result: a better golfer and lower scores.

TPI Certificate

TPI Fitness Evaluation

The first step to getting in golf shape will be a full golf physical evaluation. The Titleist Performance Institute has evaluated thousands of professional and amateur golfers to determine what areas they need to improve on. The results of this program have proven to be tremendous in lowering a golfer’s handicap. The comprehensive fitness evaluation that you will be taken through consists of a full physical and swing assessment:

  • A detailed report outlining the results of your physical exam plus you will be given a “fitness handicap”
  • A custom workout program based upon the results of the physical assessment
  • Access to exercises, viewable via video, or printable to be brought to the gym

Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Endurance

Your conditioning program focuses on all the active muscles in your swing, providing greater power and allowing you to maintain proper positions for your entire round. Studies have shown that many swing faults are due to weak or tight muscles. Our training program address the following areas:

Strength – Drills to increase strength in the exact positions where weakness and stress occur in your golf swing, helping you maintain better posture and positions

Flexibility Stretching routines designed to increase range of motion for golf-specific muscles, which in turn will reduce injuries and allow for a better back swing turn and follow through.

Endurance and Balance Specific golf cardiovascular and conditioning training to help prevent muscle fatigue during your round and balance exercises for a smoother more controlled swing.