Golf Simulators on Long Island

Enjoy the ultimate virtual golf experience on Long Island with our four state-of-the-art aboutGolf simulators-the same ones featured on The Golf Channel. Each simulator has the unique ability to measure your statistics, including ball speed, launch angle, and distance, with V1 Video monitors, allowing you to improve your swing while playing golf or practicing on the range.

Weatherproof, year-round golf on the finest courses in the world!

Tee off at Augusta National, sink a putt at Pebble Beach, or choose from dozens of other courses around the world! Any day, any weather, our simulated courses offer ideal conditions to play a round, and practice your swing. Each simulator features:

  • Elegant and unobtrusive 3Trak® launch monitor to accurately measure ball and club data
  • Advanced physics engine that simulates every type of shot
  • High definition projected image, with up to 4K resolution