How to Get Your Body Ready for the Golf Season

If you haven’t been golfing over the winter, or training with a golf-specific workout, it’s safe to say that your muscles are not ready to start swinging a golf club at 100 miles an hour. When the season starts each year, golfers are naturally excited to play. They start by hitting buckets of balls and playing rounds, and we see our highest number of golfers coming in for physical therapy. These injuries occur because of tight or weak muscles that are used in the golf swing.

The problem occurs because after an off-season, our bodies just aren’t conditioned to swing a golf club at such high speeds. So, how do you fix this? It’s simple –  with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) fitness and swing evaluation. By completing a full of evaluation of your body and swing, we can provide you with a full personalized golf conditioning and stretching routine to get your body ready to play golf for the season.

Here’s what you can expect with a TPI Fitness Evaluation:

  • A detailed report outlining the results of your physical exam plus you will be given a “fitness handicap”
  • A custom workout program based upon the results of the physical assessment
  • Access to exercises, viewable via video, or printable to be brought to the gym

After following the plan for a few weeks with training and stretching, you’ll feel your body is moving better with less aches and pains. Plus, on the course, you’ll be hitting more consistent shots, and see increased distance! So, start this season off right, with a golf conditioning program from the team at the John Ondrush Golf Fitness Academy, look forward to playing pain free this season.