Training Programs



The strength and conditioning program focuses on all of the active muscles in your swing, making you solid over the ball, providing greater distance and allowing you to maintain proper positioning for the entire round. Exercises and drills are performed to increase strength in the exact positions where weakness and stress occur in the golf swing. Increasing strength in golf specific muscles will not only give the golfer greater distance, the golfer will be able to maintain better posture and positions due to stronger core and postural muscles.

Studies have shown that many swing faults are due to weak core muscles that cause changes in the spine during the swing and create putting inconsistencies. To maintain the proper position in your swing you need to have strength and endurance in all the primary golf muscles. This allows for a proper spine angle and correct positioning for the entire round. Most golfers complain of fatigue or golf breakdown during the back nine, caused by weak, fatigued muscles- primarily abdominal and lower back muscles that are the core golf muscles.


A stretching routine is designed to lengthen the muscles used in the golf swing. It will give you a strong fluid easy swing that is the result of loose, relaxed muscles working together. Stretching is manually done by a trainer or therapist to increase flexibility of golf specific muscles. Increased range of motion results in a larger swing plane, which in turn will increase the club head speed. Flexibility also helps the golfer get into and maintain better positions through their entire swing, creating a more accurate and consistent smoother swing.

Most golf professionals I work with tell me their students are unable to improve their swing because they cannot get into a proper position due to inflexibility. This causes the golfer to pull off line because they are swinging in a range they don’t have. They lose their balance, pull off the ball and have too many moving parts while trying to manipulate their hand and body to correct these swing faults before impact. This creates inconsistencies in accuracy and the swing tempo.


Specific golf cardiovascular and conditioning training is provided to give the golfer the endurance they need to prevent muscle fatigue during a round. This training helps prevent postural changes, loss of balance, physical and mental fatigue.


This is the direct result of good strength, flexibility and endurance. Golf balance drills are performed at each session, teaching golfers better control of their bodies during the swing creates more consistent ball striking.