3D Biomechanics

Your swing technique is very important and unique. With the use of our state of the art wireless 3-D motion analysis system, we are able to capture your swing in a computerized three dimensional image. This evaluation will calculate and display your kinematic sequence, showing us your rotational positions, speeds and X factor. 

The results of your biomechanical evaluation will give our golf fitness instructors and our staff of PGA Professionals a precise picture of what is occurring in your swing in degrees per second. We are then able to analyze your swing data and kinematic sequence. This information will help us match your swing faults and techniques to your physical abilities, giving us the information needed to build you a more consistent effective swing and training program.

Your 3-D training program is then made with audible tones that are set to motion parameters, so you can hear and feel when you perform a correct or incorrect swing as you practice.